5 skills employers look for and how to get them

Let’s face it, when you’re at university, thinking about how to maximise your job prospects usually is not a priority. But there is a ton of stuff you can do between your studies to get the top skills employers seek and build up a kick-ass resumé – without compromising your student life.

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“The ability to work well within a team”. A classic, highly sought after by all employers. Collaboration, compromise and influence are essential to be able to operate smoothly and efficiently as a team. And these skills are easily developed through part-time work and summer internships. Especially in hospitality environments where you’ll need to utilise your communication and teamwork for shifts to run smoothly and ensure customers are happy. You’ll also earn yourself a nice bit of extra money. Win-win.


Leadership is about being able to manage and direct a team to do the best it possibly can, being a fundamental attribute for employers. While it may seem challenging to find a position to practice leadership while young, there are plenty available. Societies and sports clubs can surprisingly see you get better at more than just drinking, partying, and facing lectures with a hangover from hell. If you can wangle your way into the committee, you’ll be able to boost leadership skills. Sure, it’s an informal environment, but it’s a transferable skill.


Problem-solving skills involve a combination of initiative, creativity, resourcefulness, analytical thinking and determination. And there’s no better way to experience situations that require you to be responsive to a challenge than volunteering and travelling! You can meet new people and develop your problem-solving skills while having fun. You’ll also build resilience as you’ll inevitably face setbacks, changes in plans, and stresses on your journey.


Employers love candidates that have an awareness of how their industry works. Reading about current business trends and the impact these may have on a given sector will really make you stand out from the others. You can also embark on a business venture! While it may seem like a big deal, you don’t need to be the next Zuckerberg to reap the benefits. A business venture shows real entrepreneurial flair and initiative, and you’ll definitely develop commercial awareness for the industry you’re entering. Your ambition won’t go unnoticed!


You don’t actually need to be an artist to demonstrate creativity. It’s all about using fresh thinking, innovation, imagination and intuition to come up with ideas that could impact a company. Getting involved in a business venture can also demonstrate creativity, even if it lands on its face! Getting a part-time job or internship and thinking about what you could do to make something better is a great way to practice thinking outside the box!

Make sure employers know all the skills you’ve developed during the years! Keep your Linkedin profile updated so they can easily see if you’re a perfect match for their company.


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