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We facilitate the most complex issues international students have to deal with while in Portugal.

Inlife Portugal’s birth stemmed from the desire to raise the accommodation experience of international students in Portugal to a higher level. We provide international students with personalized services in the areas of Accommodation and Healthcare.

Accommodation is our ultimate focus, since we believe the current alternatives available to international students for finding a place to live in Portugal – based on photos of the apartment and descriptions of the place – are not the best in terms of reliability and overall satisfaction, often leading to feelings of frustration and deception.

Therefore, we have started working with an extensive database of local landlords to find, analyze and select a broad offer of apartments which fit the needs of our international students. Applying our innovative Housing Trip concept, our goal is to make it possible for every international student coming to Portugal to be able to quickly visit several apartments upon arrival, and make a wise decision when choosing the place where he will live in Portugal.

The point is providing maximum convenience for our international students, with simple and efficient processes.

Be 100% confident about your choice!