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Finding accommodation for students in Portugal can be very time-consuming. First, because it’s barely impossible to check the precise conditions and features of each apartment through the online accommodation websites.

At Inlife, we analyze, compile and present you the best student accommodation solutions, doing all the work to get the right properties for you in Portugal. Our team always works based on the preferences you choose when you register with us.

With our broad knowledge of the Portuguese housing market, and the thousands of landlords who have been working with us through the past years, finding the right accommodation for students in Portugal is something natural for us.

Our operators make sure that your move-in process occurs smoothly and provide you in-person assistance in case you find any problem with the landlord.

When providing accommodation for students in Portugal, our goal is to give you the best housing solution for a positive start in this unique journey of your life.

Just join our huge Inlife family and find your new home easily! Save money, save effort, and fully enjoy this wonderful experience you’re about to embrace. Together, we’ll make it unforgettable.

Be 100% confident about your choice!

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About Inlife

Inlife Portugal’s birth stemmed from the desire to raise the accommodation experience of international students in Portugal to a higher level. The point is providing maximum convenience for our international students, with simple and efficient processes. Join our family!

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