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Welcome! Become part of the Inlife family and start renting your rooms to international students with full comfort.

Our Services

Property Management

If you have little time, or are away and need assistance, this is the perfect service for you. You’ll get tenants for at least 10 months a year, and our professional team will deal with all operational aspects related to your property, such as maintenance, repairs, cleaning and logistics of the tenants (communication, permanent assistance to complaints and claims, payments charge, among others).

Accommodation Services

You’ll get tenants, mostly international students, for flexible periods, with little or no cost for you. You’ll be in total control as you can accept or reject any request to book your property with a single click. We simplified and automated the entire rental process for both students and landlords, in a way that managing ads and booking requests will be effortless for you.

Why list with Inlife?

Maximization of the occupation rate
Increased revenue
Higher privacy
Property security guarantee
Possibility of meeting the future tenant in advance
Low Fees
No payments in advance
Reduction of the early exit risk
More convenience for you

Through our privileged network of international students who come to study in Lisbon, advertising your rooms with Inlife is the best way to start renting them.

We know how time-consuming it can be for a landlord to advertise accommodation for students on different websites. At Inlife, we guarantee an intensive promotion of your properties, providing them with direct exposure to the thousands of international students we receive every semester.

Renting rooms to students is a business for you, and we aim to provide you with maximum convenience and protection of your properties. That’s why we simplified and automated the whole process of renting, reducing the risks and increasing the overall satisfaction for you and the tenants.

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