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If you’re coming to study in Portugal you must be wondering where to find the best Erasmus rooms in Portugal.

The best locations, the opportunity to meet multicultural flat mates and all the support which will allow you to make the most of your international experience are all found in our Inlife Erasmus rooms.

There are many rooms to rent, but finding the right one for you will take a lot of time and effort in the process. We work every single day to search for the best accommodation for students in Portugal, and through our close-relationship services, we are prepared to present you the best Erasmus apartments which match your specific preferences.

Join the big Inlife family and we will present you the best Erasmus rooms in Portugal, in a simple and efficient way. You don’t have to choose a room without visiting it anymore – you can see first and choose after!

Our Housing Trip concept is the one way how you can be 100% sure about which of all the rooms is the right one for you.

Be 100% confident about your choice!

Top cities for Erasmus rooms in Portugal

About Inlife

Inlife Portugal’s birth stemmed from the desire to raise the accommodation experience of international students in Portugal to a higher level. The point is providing maximum convenience for our international students, with simple and efficient processes. Join our family!

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               Erasmus Rooms in Porto
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