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A Housing Trip is a single 2-hour tour, guided by one of our operators, where we take you to visit 3 apartments from our verified database, which are chosen based on your housing preferences.
We personally assist you through all the process, until you sign the contract with the landlord.

We launched this innovative concept in Portugal in 2014, developing a raw model of student accommodation which had started back in Canada a few years before, and was proving to be very effective.
Adapting it to the Portuguese reality, we perfected the model and professionalized it.
The result: an optimized accommodation experience for the international student who comes to Portugal.

Here are some of the most relevant advantages for you:
– It allows you to visit many accommodation options before making a decision.
– You will get a full description of each neighborhood, be able to see the streets you will have to walk every day to the metro/bus stop, the closest supermarkets/restaurants and, of course, the interior of each apartment.
– There is always a professional guide with you, ready to clarify any doubt.
– You may get to know your future flatmates and landlord during the visits, which allows you to understand the atmosphere of each apartment before making a decision.
– The best part: we provide you a customized service at minimal cost.
– Summing it up, Inlife’s Housing Trips allow you to be 100% confident about where you choose to live in, saving you a lot of time, effort and money in the process.

All the apartments have been previously vetted by our team and carefully selected to ensure that they meet criteria necessary for your comfort, safety and convenience. They are all located in central neighborhoods, easily accessible to public transportation (metro and bus).
The bedrooms will be furnished with all the basic facilities (bed, wardrobe, desk and chair). Plus, some additional features may be available.

Our vast array of properties and our logistic procedures allow us to always have different properties available during the high arrivals seasons: August/September & January/February/March. So, if you are arriving during these periods, you do not need to worry about this issue. After these periods of high demand, which correspond to the beginning of each new semester, the accommodation supply will decrease significantly.


If you are not fully satisfied with the options presented during the Housing Trip, we will give you more choices from our extensive database of apartments, according to the availabilities at that moment, until you find the right one for you.

As availability may vary, we do not provide you with this information before the day of your Housing Trip. One apartment may be available one day and get booked that same afternoon during a Housing Trip, so it will not be available for the trip occurring the following day, even if it was planned to be shown. Plus, we value the concept of choosing after seeing.
The most important thing is guaranteed – you will always get to visit the 3 apartments which best match your preferences at the time of your Housing Trip.
And even if you are not fully satisfied with any of the 3 apartments that you have visited, you will be presented more options, as we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your accommodation selection.

You came to the right place! Just state the general preferences which you already know – such as the maximum price you can afford and some location preferences (e.g. whether it is important to you to live near the university or not). We take care of the rest and will show you several options in different types of neighborhoods, while giving you complete information on each of them.

Usually the minimum period of stay is one semester (5 months), but this duration varies based on landlord requirements. Some are stricter and others more flexible. Therefore, you should not think of the minimum period of stay as something unavoidable or homogeneous.

Our accommodation service has been built to provide maximum brevity, with simple and effective processes. In short, once you choose your favorite bedroom, you will be immediately provided with all the details to move in as soon as possible.

After the ending of the Housing Trip you will be able to immediately book the bedroom you liked the most.
After this reservation, you will be promptly presented with the rental contract, and within the next 12 hours you should pay the security deposit (value of one month rent) to ensure correct booking. If you fail to make this payment the bedroom will be unblocked again for visits and other students will be able to book it.

Most of the bedrooms will be available for immediate entry. If by any chance the bedroom you chose is still occupied for a few nights, you will be told about the exact date when you can move-in.

The contract will be presented to you as soon as you decide to reserve your favorite bedroom, so you can sign it right away. One of Inlife’s agents will help you read it, as we want you to fully understand what you are signing with the landlord, in order to prevent any future misunderstanding.

Landlords may require cash or bank transfer as method of payment. At entry, you should pay two rents, one to cover the first month and the other one as a security deposit which will be returned to you before your departure.

The Housing Trip has a cost of €24,50.

The total cost of the booking fee is €125 per person.
1. After making the Housing Trip, to book one of the options that you have visited you will pay a booking fee of €125.
2. The online booking fee is also €125 per person.


You will receive an email ahead of time with complete details. The meeting point is usually at Cidade Universitária, right by the metro station. This area has been chosen for its features, which make it very straightforward to meet and simple to park our vehicles.
After the tour, you can either stay at the area of the last apartment you visited or be dropped off at the meeting point again. In some occasions, our agents might drop you off in other location most suitable for you, if it is not a big detour from their way.

There are 2 different schedules for making a Housing Trip. One in the morning – 10:00, and another one in the afternoon – 14:30. Please note that sometimes these timetables may be changed for logistical reasons.
So, if your flight arrives after 13:00 (WET – Western European Time), we advise you to book your Housing Trip for the following day. You may request to stay in one of our guesthouses for a reduced price, depending on the availability, and then make the Housing Trip the next day.

You must pay in cash directly to the agent who guides your tour. As stated in the registration form, the price is €24,50 per person.

If you want to bring someone else with you – a family member or a friend who did not sign up for the Housing Trip, meaning, someone just to accompany you or to help you choosing, it will cost €15 per additional person, as he/she will occupy a place in the vehicle. Please let us know in advance, filling the corresponding field in the registration form (section 2/4) to ensure that your request can be accommodated.

Due to space limitations, you should not bring more than one backpack with you to the Housing Trip. If you book our Airport pickup service, you can arrange for your bags to be placed in our storage room.


Upon registration, you will receive an email stating the exact meeting point at the Lisbon airport arrivals area, with pictures and full details. You will also have a support line you can call anytime.

The airport pickup welcome package contains a SIM phone card and a map of Lisbon.

No. The airport pickup service is only available for Inlifers. This means you need to have booked a housing trip or to have booked a room online with Inlife.

You can request us to book you a place in one of our guest houses, subject to availability. In the event that none of our guest houses is available on a specific night, you should look for alternative accommodation options.