Everything you need to know about booking with Inlife

See first, choose after. No surprises.

Privacy and Data

Inlife will provide you a personalized experience whenever you search for accommodation in Portugal. We do it by collecting only the basic and extremely necessary information in order to present you with the housing solutions that match your preferences the best, while protecting your personal information and privacy.

  1. Looking for an accommodation: we will ask you for your preferences and monthly budget so we can present you with the most suitable options.
  2. Reservation request: when you request a room/apartment we will collect the payment data, your personal information and your VAT number (if provided), however we will not have access to this information. The payment details will be directed to a partner platform (Stripe and Paypal) to ensure the correctness of the transaction. Your payment is totally safe and your personal information is 100% encrypted.
  3. After being accepted by the landlord: in this case, your contact information is going to be shared with the landlord. In case the landlord does not accept or answer your request, no money will be charged to you and you will be able to choose another accommodation option.

We could also use your information to recommend you options for accommodations that match your location preferences and budget.

You can delete your account and ask for your data to be deleted at any time.

To get more information, read our Terms and Conditions, Data Policy and Information Policy.

To delete your Inlife account you just need to send an email to housing@inlifeportugal.com identifying your account number/email and requesting it to be permanently deleted.

About Inlife

Through our platform we offer different services to both Inlifers and Landlords.

– To Inlifers, we provide the following services:

  1. In-Person Visits: Visit your favorite homes with our local advisors, who will show you the houses and the surroundings side by side. They will answer your questions and give you full information so you can make a confident decision. They may even introduce you to your future housemates and landlord. If you like it, you can make a booking request right away.
  2. Live Video Calls: Our online booking service allows you to book your accommodation remotely and safely, checking the property in real time before you book it. By choosing this service, you have the possibility to make video calls from anywhere in the world and speak to one of our Advisors to visit the most suitable accommodation options for you. In addition, you will be able to see the house where you will live, its amenities and you may even get to see the landlord and other residents. This is the perfect moment for you to ask about the surroundings and clear all doubts you may have about the accomodation before you make your reservation. 
  3. My Advisor: Local advisor who will help you during the booking process, until you find the right place and make a reservation. The advisor is an operator who will be able to answer your questions regarding your future accommodation, locations and the city. the major goal of the advisor is to help you find the right accommodation for you, a place where you can truly feel at home.

– To Landlords we provide the following services:

  • Bookings with or without exclusivity 
  • Property management

For more information please access the area reserved for Landlords.

  • We are an online platform, though we distinguish ourselves through our proximity with both tenants and landlords. We facilitate the reservation process, ensuring transparency in all process, by allowing our Inlifers to visit the places in real time before booking .
  • We believe all tenants should know the place where they are going to stay and have no surprises when they get to the accommodation.

Inlife quickly puts homeowners and tenants in touch, saving both parties time and money. The owners do not need to show the apartments, respond to hundreds of emails and phone calls to get a renter.

The tenants do not need to waste time choosing properties and are able to make reservations from the comfort of their own home, visiting the options that best suit their preferences.

Of course! We are happy to help everybody to find the best accommodation.

Booking with Inlife is a guarantee that:

  1. The options you will see are chosen according to your requirements and availability. You will not be lost in thousands of options that do not match what you want and need;
  2. Your advisor will help you find the right accommodation for you, a place where you can truly feel at home.
  3. You can see what you are going to book before you commit to any reservation. Nothing better than your own validation!
  4. You will not be fooled by professional pictures or videos (captured at the perfect angle) that may not match the reality.
  5. Your payment is safe and will be mediated by us. It will be delivered to the landlord only after you enter the accommodation
  6. Your landlord and the accommodation are real.

To book with us you will only have to:

  1. Visit our website – www.inlifeportugal.com
  2. Select your city.
  3. Search to find the best options for you. 
  4. The Assisted Booking service will help you find the right accommodation for you, a place where you can truly feel at home.
  5. You can request visits (in person or by live video call) to check out any accommodation that you wish.
  6. When you are sure about your decision, you can book the accommodation by adding your payment information (credit / debit card or Paypal). Note: You will only be charged when the landlord accepts your booking request.
  7. Wait 48h for landlord’s approval.
  8. As soon as the landlord accepts your booking request, the accommodation is yours! You will receive a confirmation email and the landlord’s personal information.

Booking with us is 100% safe and here’s why:

1. Track record

We host hundreds of students and professionals every semester. We have already helped people from more than 100 nationalities to find the right accommodation solution for them in Portugal.

We work hard to find the best solution for all of our Inlifers. Check out testimonials from other Inlifers on Facebook, Google or Youtube and see it for yourself.

2. We have a team available for you

We have real people in our team, many of them former Inlifers, available to answer all your questions and doubts.

3. Your payments are safe

Whenever you pay for a reservation you have the guarantee that your payment is 100% encrypted. In addition, by paying directly through Inlife, we will transfer your payment to the landlord only 48 hours after the day of your arrival, in case all is good with your entrance process.

4. Cancellation Policy

We have cancellation policies that allow you to receive a refund up to 100% of the amount you paid to ensure your reservation. To have more details about the conditions of reimbursement you should consult our Terms and Conditions.

5. We verify the properties

All accommodations on the platform are verified by our team. In addition, you can do your own check before you book it (couldn’t get any better!).

Yes. You will be able to visit the accommodations either in person or through a live video call.

In specific cases or time periods where the landlord is not able to provide us access to the property (e.g. landlord is on vacation and did not leave any set of keys with us), we will provide you with detailed information about the inside of the apartment and you’ll still be able to check all the surrounding areas.

You can always contact our team through telephone, email and Facebook from Monday to Friday (9 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Telephone: +351 927 419 011

Email: housing@inlifeportugal.com

Facebook: facebook.com/inlifeportugal


Inlife started developing this innovative concept in Portugal in the year 2015, perfecting a model of accommodation for students which started back in Canada a few years before, and was proving to be very effective. Adapting this model to the Portuguese reality, we have improved it and professionalized it. It then became a disruptive, unique and highly satisfactory accommodation experience for students and professionals who come to live in a new city in Portugal.

The advisor is a buddy who, together with our algorithm, will search for the best accommodations for you. Besides that, you will be able to make live video calls or visits in person to check your favorite houses and make your online reservation safely.

This is an ideal service for those who want to book an accommodation from wherever they are with total confidence and security. 

You will be assigned a personal and professional Advisor to help you, accompany you and clarify your doubts. With the Assisted Booking service you will be able to:

  • Make live video calls to different accommodations before making a final decision;
  • Get a detailed description of the accommodation areas. You will be able to see firsthand the streets that you will be crossing in your routine and also the nearest metro and bus stations. In addition, you can also ask about the supermarkets, restaurants and other useful services that are nearby. And you will be able to check the interior of each apartment;
  • Be 100% confident about the place you will choose to live, saving you plenty of time, work and money through the process.

Your Advisor may:

  1. Search and match several accommodation solutions according to your preferences;
  2. Clarify your doubts on all matters related to the location and neighborhoods of your favorite accommodations;
  3. Provide you information on issues you may want to raise in advance regarding landlord rules or flatmates in the apartment.


The visit payment is made to guarantee the process and schedule for you with the presence of an Inlife´s operator.

This value will then be discounted from your booking fee if you book the place.

You will receive the confirmation from your Advisor, in order to confirm the exact date and time.

We will send you email notifications to remember the date and time of the live tour, up to 1 hour before the appointment.

In case you cannot attend to any of the proposed times or have to cancel your visit, you should contact your Advisor to decide on the best time together.

You will receive the confirmation from your Advisor, in order to confirm the date and time.

Your advisor will also inform you of the meeting point for the visit.

We will send you email notifications to remember the date and time of the live tour, up to 1 hour before the appointment.

In case you cannot attend to any of the proposed times or have to cancel your visit, we ask you to contact your Advisor to decide on the best time together.

Typically, live tours are done by video call on Whatsapp. Make sure that at the time of your live tour you have a good internet connection and that the Whatsapp information you provided is updated.

After your visit, if you want to book the accommodation, you should access the page of the accommodation you want to book, click “request to book” and proceed to payment. The accommodation will only be booked once you receive the booking confirmation by email.

After making the booking request you should wait for its confirmation. It will be sent to you by email.


Paying for our services is easy, you can use the traditional payment methods: Credit Card, Debit Card and Paypal.

When you choose your accommodation and send us a visit request or a booking request, we will ask you for your Debit/Credit card details or PayPal details so that we can confirm your request. The amount will not be charged immediately, only when the landlord accepts your request. Once your request is accepted, we will charge you a visit fee (deductable when you make your reservation) or a service fee and the first month’s rent. The booking fee is calculated based on the monthly fee for the first month.

If the owner also charges a security deposit, the corresponding amount will be charged on the day you enter the accommodation by the landlord himself or by your Advisor on his behalf.

When you send us a visit or booking request we’ll ask you for your debit/credit card details or Paypal details to ensure the payment of the first month’s rent (which will be later transferred to the owner after the 48 hours security period) and the booking fee (which covers the costs of our platform and team).

Yes, we send invoices regarding our visit services and the booking fee. 

In terms of your first month’s rent (and all other monthly payments, as well as the security deposit), you must request them directly to the landlord since Inlife only keeps your payment until 48 hours after you enter the accommodation. Please note that due to landlords’ language limitations, sometimes Inlife operators may contact you about monthly payments, but always on their behalf.

The rent will be paid directly to the landlord and the method will be settled with them. Please note that due to language limitations of owners, sometimes Inlife operators may contact you about monthly payments, but always on their behalf.

You can apply your promo code on the payment page in the specific box.

The Booking Fee is a one-time fee to cover the costs of our platform and in-house team.

In most cases the rent already includes all expenses, including: electricity, water, gas, television, internet and weekly cleaning. However, you should check the information in the house’s detail to confirm that the bills are included in the final price.

When your payment is accepted you will receive a confirmation email, usually within 48 hours.

No, in order to have the best experience and legitimacy, all payments must be made through the booking platform.

If your payment authorization failed, this may have happened because your credit card was flagged as suspicious to the system (this sometimes happens when you spend more than what you usually do or even when the invoice address diverges from what you have indicated).

What you should do then is contact your bank and your credit card company and ask them to authorize the deposit. Since the transaction was declined by our platform, your credit card company must be able to process the refund and the amount should be returned to you within a few days. When this happens, you must make a new payment through the link that we will send you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, of course. With Inlife you can always visit the accommodation in advance.

If you have interest in an accommodation, you can:

  1. Request an In-person Visit or a Live Video Call Vist.
  2. If you are confident enough with the information you have received, you can make a booking request straight away.

Yes, with Inlife you can book either a room or the whole property.

To send a housing complaint you must contact us at housing@inlifeportugal.com, indicating your reservation number and reason for the complaint. Our team will review your request and reply as soon as possible.

Booking information

You just came to the right place! Just choose the most suitable service for you and submit your general preferences (such as the maximum price you are willing to pay and some guidelines if you have a favorite location, for example, if you want to live near your university campus). Your advisor will do the rest and send you several options in different areas while providing detailed information on each of them.

Yes, landlords usually require a security deposit which you must pay to them or the operator (if he is representing the owner) on the day you enter the accommodation.

Yes, we can provide you with a booking and an accommodation proof. If you need the renting contract you should request it directly to the landlord.

Yes, usually the owners allow you to have overnight guests in the accommodation .

No, the accommodation is only booked after we receive the first payment.

Was your reservation request approved? Perfect, you became an Inlifer!

Now, you will receive an email with all the details of your reservation and the accommodation. One of our Advisors will be in touch with you regarding your accommodation check-in and answer any possible doubts you may have.

Our accommodation service has been developed with the objective of providing maximum brevity in the process, with simple and efficient procedures. So, as soon as you choose your favorite room/apartment you will be immediately provided with all the information and details you might need in order to move in quickly.

Usually, most rooms will be available for immediate entry. However, if it happens that the room you have chosen is occupied, you will be informed of the exact date on which you can move in to your new accommodation.

The contract you sign with Inlife is an agreement that sets out the rules you must follow when staying in an Inlife landlord’s house and the terms and conditions you accepted when you made the reservation. One of the Inlife operators will help you read the contract so that you are fully informed about it and in order to avoid misunderstanding. This is not a rental contract, the only one who can give you this type of contract is the landlord.

If you want a rental contract with the landlord, you must request it  before you make the reservation or ask directly to the landlord after you move in into the accommodation. However, it should be noted that such contracts generally apply to long-term stays.

The great advantage of using Inlife as your accommodation platform is that you make reservations only after you have seen the accommodation. By itself, this fact already assures the veracity and loyalty of the accommodation features presented to you and if it matches what you expected and were looking for. However, to enhance your confidence, we give you a 48-hour security period which allows you to be compensated in case of an unexpected event at your entry day.

If you find an accommodation that seems completely different from what you booked, or with conditions different from the ones you were presented with, please let us know within a 48-hour period.

For more information visit our terms and conditions.

If you are offered an accommodation with the “immediate booking” feature, it means:

  1. An exclusive accommodation of Inlife Portugal.
  2. You can book it immediately for a specific period of time.
  3. You do not need to wait for the landlord’s confirmation. The apartment/room is automatically yours.

If you are interested in this accommodation, we recommend you to schedule it as soon as possible as they are usually not available for a long time on the platform.

Accommodations with the “Book immediately” feature have a clear and indicative text of this possibility. By clicking on the accommodation you will be able to check the details of the house. You can make the reservation immediately by clicking on the “Booking request” button.

To cancel an immediate reservation you must contact us through our email housing@inlifeportugal.com, indicating your reservation number and the cancellation reason. Our team will review your request and send you an email with an answer.

The minimum period of stay for Inlife bookings is 1 month.

The contracts depend on the landlords’ policy. Usually the contracts are fortnightly, starting always at the beginning of the fortnight (day 1 of each month or day 15 of each month), regardless of your entrance day. For example, if you enter on the 7th, it will be considered the first fortnight and if you enter on the 20th, it will be considered the second fortnight (the same applies to the move out date). Since you always pay a full monthly rent to reserve the accommodation, if you enter on a second fortnight, the amount you paid in advance will be settled with the landlord in the following month.

In relation to the payment of your first month’s rent (and all other monthly payments, as well as the security deposit), you must request them directly to the landlord since Inlife only keeps your payment until 48 hours after your entrance into the accommodation. After that we will transfer the amount to the landlord and he/she will be responsible to give you an invoice.

If you leave before your move out date, you will lose the security deposit and any other payments you may have made for rents in advance.

However, in this type of situations you should contact Inlife and we will try to help you.

Fantastic, it means that we have found a perfect match and you liked the accommodation! If you would like to extend your stay you should contact Inlife as soon as possible so we do not accept any other booking requests for your accommodation.

Cancellation policy for Inlifers

  1. When you make a visit request (in person or by video call), Inlife will charge the amount on the date you placed the order. In case of cancellation or not use of the respective services, Inlife will apply a 100% penalty fee, except for cancellations due to reasons of major force (see our terms and conditions for more information).
  2.  When you make a reservation request for an accommodation, and it is approved by the Owner / Landlord, Inlife will charge you the Booking Fee and the first monthly rent. In case of canceling the reservation request before it is approved by the Owner / Landlord, no amount will be charged to you. If the reservation request has already been accepted by the Owner / Landlord and you decide to cancel the reservation, the cancellation policies for Inlifers apply, which you can consult in our terms and conditions.

 In case you want to cancel a reservation, you must contact us via email housing@inlifeportugal.com, with your reservation number and reason for canceling or modifying the reservation. Our team will review your request and send an email with a response, giving you 48 hours to confirm your intention to cancel or modify your reservation. In the event that you do not respond to the email within the 48 hours period, We’ll assume that you have canceled or modified the booking in accordance with our terms and conditions.

In case the reservation request has been approved by the owner and the Inlifer has entered the accommodation, after 48 hours the cancellation policies will be those included in the contract between the Inlifer and the landlord, in which Inlife Portugal is not a part of.

In the event that the Landlord cancels the reservation before the move-in-date, the Inlifer will be refunded with the Reservation Fee along with Value Added Tax (VAT) and the First Payment. Regarding the service fee charged to the owner:

  1. If the Landlord cancels the reservation with less than 60 days notice from the move-in-date, Inlife will charge the service fee plus 25% of the first rent paid by Inlifer to the Landlord.
  2. In the event that the Landlord cancels the reservation 60 or more days before the move-in day, Inlife Portugal will charge the landlord 50% of the Service Fee for that reservation.

If the Landlord cancels the booking within 48 hours after the move-in-date, that is, in the period that Inlife Portugal still holds the first rent paid by Inlifer, and since it is not Inlifer’s fault or misbehave, Inlife Portugal will not transfer the amount of the first rent and, in addition, will charge the Landlord the Service Fee, plus 50% of the first rent paid by Inlifer.

Inlife Portugal reserves the right to claim any of the aforementioned amounts in case a penalty needs to be applied, where the Landlord acknowledges and agrees that Inlife Portugal will send a request for payment and that he/she will be in the obligation to pay these compensations to Inlife Portugal.

Inlife warranty for Landlords and Tenants

Under certain circumstances, Inlife Portugal will provide guarantee to the landlords which is an additional service that is offered with an exclusive contract. We recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions carefully if you want to know more.

In case of cancellation of your reservation due to unquestionable circumstances, Inlife Portugal will abdicate the Cancellation Policy and refund the amount paid to us, only if sufficient documentation is provided to prove the case.

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