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We guarantee professional assistance for you to search and rent rooms in Coimbra. With our state-of-the-art platform and the support of our local advisors you will have everything you need to find the right room!

Why book with Inlife


Visit before you book

We know pictures and videos aren't always what we expect. Therefore you always have the chance to visit the houses before you book. You can visit them in person or by live video call.


Local Advisors

Our local advisors in each city will show you your favorite houses, the surroundings and the main spots in the neighborhood. They may even introduce you to your future housemates and landlord.


Assisted Booking

Register for free, tell us your preferences and you’ll immediately get house recommendations on your personal dashboard. We'll assign you a local advisor to guide you and clarify your doubts.


100% Safe Payment

To provide you with full safety, we will only transfer your payment to the landlord 48 hours after your check-in date. In case you have a problem, we'll help you find a new home.

Exclusive services

In-Person Visits

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Book in person
With the help of a local advisor

Visit your favorite homes with our local advisors, who will show you the houses and the surroundings side by side. They will answer your questions and give you full information so you can make a confident decision. They may even introduce you to your future housemates and landlord. If you like it, you can book the place right away.

Live Video Calls

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Book online
Make live tours and book right away

Schedule live video calls in real time to visit your favorite homes with our local advisors. They will show you the houses, the surroundings and the main spots in the neighborhood. They may even introduce you to your future housemates and landlord. You’ll have complete information and you’ll be able to book immediately from wherever you are.

Rent your student or professional room in Coimbra safely with Inlife.

If you're looking to rent rooms in Coimbra, we have the right solution for you. Access our innovative housing platform and find a wide range of verified apartments and rooms to rent. With our Assisted Booking simply choose your preferred location, set your price range and add any specific preferences you may have for the accommodation. We’ll do the rest!

What they say about us

Caio Rocha

Caio Rocha, Brazil


"I like to make wise choices, and the idea of not being able to visit the places in advance never made much sense to me. When I found Inlife's service I quickly contacted them to rent rooms in Coimbra. They showed me just what I needed. I made two visits by live call and then booked a nice place. Inlife just made my life so much easier!"

Amalia Patera

Amalia Patera, Italy


"When the opportunity came up to go study abroad, I immediately faced my first problem: how to find and rent rooms in Coimbra. Thanks to the Inlife operator who helped me, everything turned out to be great and very simple!"

Miryam Zeroual

Miryam Zeroual, Morocco


"I used Inlife's services in February. Even though my preferences were kind of complex, Inlife presented me with three options which matched them very well. I thought it would be hard to rent rooms in Coimbra which combined all my requirements, but they did an amazing job. I have to rank this service with 5 stars."

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