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Want to rent rooms in Évora?

Évora, the white and light town planted in the Alentejo plain, a world heritage site since 1986, has opened its doors to welcome you.
We are a local team of people raised in Évora, who know all the corners of this beautiful city and who can help you to rent rooms in Évora. The right room for you.

What are your preferences for renting a room in Évora?
Do you want to rent a room in the historic center of Évora, where the streets, houses and monuments seem to be waiting for you for a long time? Or would you prefer to rent your room in the stillness of a residential neighborhood outside the center?
Do you like privacy and want to rent a room in a small and quiet house, or do you prefer a place where you can get to know and live with other people?
Do you want to rent a room near the University of Évora? Does it please you to walk on foot along the city streets to get to know its secrets?
We select the rooms which best suit your preferences and take you on a guided tour, so you can see several options first, and then make a safe choice.

Renting your room in Évora will be simple, believe us!

Through our close-relationship service, we are prepared to show you a wide range of accommodation options in Évora, with a simple and easy booking process, so you can truly experience the most efficient way to rent rooms in Évora.

We want you to live the best period of your academic life without the frenzy experience of not knowing what you’ll find when you arrive to Évora. That’s why we’ve created our Housing Trip concept, and that’s why most students already think Inlife when thinking about how to rent rooms in Évora.

Évora is an incredible city which loves to welcome people from all around the world.

Our team fully embodies this attitude towards our students, and we just love to show to each student accommodation options exactly like what he told us he wanted!

Be 100% confident about your choice!

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About Inlife

Inlife Portugal’s birth stemmed from the desire to raise the accommodation experience of international students in Portugal to a higher level. The point is providing maximum convenience for our international students, with simple and efficient processes. Join our family!

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